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ENTEXS is an engineering and technology company focused on extraction solutions for the CBD markets. Our team has direct experience in developing, building and utilizing extraction equipment for the Sativa L markets. We are applying this extensive knowledge to the development of extraction systems scaled to customers’ specific needs by providing a fully automated process from biomass to full spectrum crude, distillate and/or isolate, THC remediation.



Ali Rashid

Chief Executive Officer

John Davis

Chief Technology Officer

Emil Bayan

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Cileo

Chief Financial Officer

Sheree Carella

Director of Corporate Sales

Alejandro Sevilla

International Business Director

Edward Velasco A.

Graphic Artist

Shelly Brown


Shane Lancaster

Shop Foreman

Kyle Jones

fabrication lead

Josh Lancaster


Rick Proger


Daniel Blackburn

Senior Chemist

Touraj Alasvand

Mechanical engineer



The ENTEXS team is comprised of Certified Professional Engineers, Sanitary Process Fabricators, Welders, Extraction Technology and Industry Experts, as well as an expansive Sales team to scale the business with the CBD growth that the country and world is experiencing.

ENTEXS understands that extraction solutions are not efficient when assembled from multiple sub systems, each from a different vendor and industry. The product offering and extraction solutions that ENTEXS provides is complete, turnkey, and hands off.This means that the customer does not interact with the product at different stages of the extraction process hands off technology result in reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor, and potential safety risks. The ENTEXS Extraction Solution is a fully automated process from plant to oil that is tuned to match the overall throughput specifications of the system.

ENTEXS also supports the customers extraction needs with services such as installation, site review, operation, biomass, processing logistics, and more.