Extraction Systems

The ENTEXS CWE-200 provides customers with a high-quality, high-throughput, automated cold water extraction solution without the need for consumable ice addition. Utilizing a large jacketed and insulated extraction vessel capable of processing up to 200 lbs of fresh frozen biomass, the CWE-200 features cold water recirculation with triple-stage filtration. Bottom entry mixer agitation with flow control baffles to optimize trichome separation, multi-stage collection filters with automated rinsing routines, bottom hatch with auto-discharge for spend biomass, and clean, cold RO supply water with closed-loop temperature control. The CWE Series of extractors feature ergonomic platforms for access and service and parameter access for extraction routines with in-place and remote HMI access. Engineered and built in the USA.

ENTEXS - Complete Process

Complete Process

Our systems are designed for optimization on each of your processes.



Process Features

Hands-Free Technology

Hands-free Technology

No-touch process throughout the extraction process eliminates potentially reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor, and safety risks.

Fully Automated

User configured routines and flow control from biomass to full-spectrum crude, distillate, and/or isolate

Cloud Network

Cloud Network

From your phone or computer, real-time and trend monitoring of the extraction process can be leveraged to optimize efficiency.

Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System

Solvent temperature control maintains precise extraction temperature. Combined with our automation, complete control over final product states can be configured and run.

No Winterization

No Ice Needed




Footprint: 96”(W)x48”(D)x78”(H) *can fit through 40” facility doorway
Voltage: 208/240/400/480 50/60Hz (configurable)
Materials of Construction: 304 / 316SS Typ
Temperature: -10 C Chiller Setpoint
Power: 6 kW (w/o chiller)


Extraction Vessel (Jacketed/Insulated w agitation)
Cold Water Sump (125 Gal Capacity)
Filter Set (Qty 2)
Recirc Pump (Qty 2)
Heat Exchangers (Qty 2)
RO Supply Tank (250 gal) RO Filter Set
Triple Stage Recirc Filters
Sanitary Process Piping
Valves (pneumatic/manual)
Control Cabinet
System Sensors (Temp, Pressure, Level)
HMI / PLC Automation Package

Processing Specifications

Batch Size: Up to 200 lbs fresh frozen
Throughput: 800 lbs/shift