Extraction Systems

Maxi Mobile

The ENTEXS MAXI Mobile is our large throughput extraction system capable of taking down acreage directly at the farm to mitigate logistical challenges & overhead.

Featuring the largest throughput from our series of full processing systems, our patent-pending configuration is complete with a true hands-free automation and a continuous feed capable of processing over 20,000 lbs per day. With ultra low ethanol solvent temperature, our process bypasses the need for Winterization.

ENTEXS Complete Process


Complete Process

Our systems are designed for optimization on each of your processes

ENTEXS Maxi Mobile

Process Features

ENTEXS Hands-Free Technology

Hands-free Technology

No touch process throughout the extraction process eliminates potential reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor and safety risks.

No Winterization

No Winterization

Bypass this extensive and time-consuming step by controlling and maintaining solvent temperature during the extraction process below -50 °C.

ENTEXS Continuous Feed Technology

Continuous Feed

Load the system once per day instead of once every 10 minutes. Fully continuous from biomass input to final product.

ENTEXS Cloud Network

Cloud Network

From your phone or computer, real-time and trend monitoring of extraction process can be leveraged to optimize efficiency.

Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System

Solvent temperature control maintains precise extraction temperature. Combined with our automation, complete control over final product states can be configured and run.

ENTEXS Automated System

Fully Automated

User configured routines and flow control from biomass to full spectrum crude, distillate and/or isolate

ENTEXS maxi mobile



Throughput capacity: 20,000 lbs per day
Runs continuously to achieve: 20,000 lbs in 24 hours
Cooling method: *ln can be used to supplement and amplify cooling
Temperature range: -80° C for extraction to +200° C for distillate production


Footprint: 20’ w x 50’ d (total system footprint)
Temperature rating: -80° to +200° C
Pressure rating: full vacuum to 100 psig
Solvent holding volume: 1800 gallons
HMI interface screen size: 24 in
Controller: FPGA based industrial controller with watchdog for control and process monitoring


Voltage: 480 v - supply voltage
AMP requirement: 955 a - total system amp draw
Power: 770 kw total
Electrical ratings: class 1 div 2 - minimum electrical rating

ENTEXS maxi mobile

Production per Hour

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