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Extraction Systems

The Extraction Industry

Cannabidiol, or "CBD," a chemical found in both cannabis and hemp, is utilized in various products such as gummies, drinks, and cannabis oils must go through an extraction process first. CBD extraction involves isolating the chemical compound from the surrounding plant material and distilling it to high concentrations. Research has shown that cannabinoids can have beneficial effects on physical and mental health. The extraction of these compounds allows the food and pharmaceutical industry to produce products and medicines based on these cannabinoids for the benefit of people.

While more states in the US legalize the use and manufacturing of cannabis and hemp-based products, the demand for these products has skyrocketed year after year, thus being an industry in constant growth and evolution. ENTEXS, an engineering and manufacturing company proudly made in America, includes a team of experts in extraction equipment design. ENTEXS meets the needs of the extraction industry by offering patent-pending technology and processes that warrant both efficiency and quality of the extract while reducing processing and operating costs.

Medium and Large Scale Extraction

ENTEXS systems offer solutions for medium and large-scale extraction needs within the growing demand for hemp or cannabis oil. By applying the latest technology, design, and manufacturing of these extraction systems, ENTEXS offers processing equipment that’s highly optimized for efficiency.

Next-Generation Extraction Technologies

ENTEXS develops cutting-edge technology by applying quality design and manufacturing of extraction, remediation, and distillation equipment engineered for efficiency, automation, scalability, and profitability of your investment.

The ENTEXS mission is simple: Develop and provide the best technology in the extraction industry to increase quality, efficiency, and profit with the best support and the best pre and post-sales customer care.

Patented Technologies

Hands-free Technology

Autonomous processing throughout the extraction process eliminates reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor and safety risks.

Continuous feed

Continuous and automated feeding system that allows you to carry out a single load of biomass per day instead of several per hour.

fully automated

Automation and closed-loop control of processes allow increased operational efficiencies and create repeatable, high-quality results. Fully automated system from biomass to crude, distillate or isolate.

No Winterization

Bypass this extensive and time-consuming step by controlling and maintaining solvent temperature during the extraction process below -50°C.

Closed-Loop System

Solvent temperature control maintains extraction temperature. Coupled with our automation, complete control over final product states can be configured and run. The precise and stable solvent temperature throughout the extraction process with the option of automation and extraction from biomass to full-spectrum crude or distillate oil.

Cloud network

Increase efficiency by monitoring the extraction process in real-time from your computer or smartphone.