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The ENTEXS Crystallizer platform takes distillate to pure isolate. This platform is designed to mate with the ENTEXS extraction platform but can also operate as a stand-alone isolation solution. Featuring fully automated crystallization routines, this system enables fully closed-loop processing of distillate to isolate including solvent recovery from mother liquor. 

ENTEXS Crystallization Module

This system meters distillate and solvent input to the pre-isolation mixing tank controls mixing temperature via closed-loop PID routines, features automated vacuum assist the transfer of product to and from process tanks, controls crystal nucleation via agitation and temperature ramps, and features filtered isolate collection vessels with post crystallization drying routines.

The Crystallizer reactors feature vacuum-rated triple-walled thermally jacketed tanks with agitation and mechanical sealing. A fire-rated solvent enclosure enables safe and efficient solvent replacement and recovery while enabling a C1D2 Classified operating environment.




Reactor Size: 100 L
Throughput Capacity: up to 40 kg of distillate/batch
Thermal Control: -20 to 120 C
Solvent: Hexane, Heptane, Pentane, or customer-specific


Voltage: 208/240/400/460 50/60Hz (Configurable)
Power: 15 kW
Electrical Rating: C1D2


Heated transfer/distillate feed module
Heated mixing vessel with agitation
Crystallizer Reactor with thermal jacket and agitation
Isolate Collection Vessel with Micron Filter
Heated Mother Liquor Recovery Vessel with Agitation
Solvent Recovery Condenser
Solvent Recovery Vessel
Solvent Recovery Pump
Vacuum Pump – Chemical Duty XP
Flammable Solvent Storage Enclosure
Pneumatic Valves
Temperature Sensors
Level Sensors
TCUS (Qty 2)
Feed Pumps
Automation Package (HMI / Controller)
Electrical Enclosure (VFDs, Pwr Supplies, Htr SCRs, etc)


Footprint: 96”x70”x92” (WxDxH)
Temperature Rating: -40 to 120 C
Pressure Rating: Vac rated
HMI Interface: 24” Touch Panel

Upgrades and Peripherals

Low-Temperature Chiller (-40 C)