Ethanol Extraction

Advancements in Ethanol Extraction Process Clears Bottleneck

Ethanol Extraction

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Products in Strong Demand

CBD is a major cannabinoid purported to have healing properties and is lucrative for the healthcare and cosmetic industries. Demand for CBD will only increase over time. 

So how does the industry meet the ever-increasing need of the market without jeopardizing quality and the bottom line as well? How can extraction technology keep up?

The Cannabis Industry at a Glance 
The budding cannabis industry is booming even despite the pandemic and unsettling economic hardships facing our nation. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream. People are seeking quality plant-based remedies to combat all sorts of physical and cognitive conditions. 

Demand for cannabis products has been exploding across the country for the previous five years. Legalization has spread and the Farm (Hemp Bill) Act of 2018 descheduled hemp and made it and its derivatives a legal commodity in the United States.  

Cannabis businesses were even deemed “essential” throughout the Covid19 crisis and allowed to remain open when many other businesses had to shutter or reduce service. Becoming increasingly apparent is the fact that cannabinoids are playing a huge role in the mental and physical healthcare of our nation. The demand has grown to astronomical proportions. 

As of this writing, 37 states and the District of Columbia have passed some type of cannabis legalization. Eighteen of those states have passed adult-use legislation. The tide is rising.  

CBD is the most widely sought therapeutic cannabinoid partly because of its nonpsychoactive properties. Research is slowly increasing and providing knowledge of additional benefits.  

Global CBD (cannabidiol) market size is valued at 2.8 billion (USD) in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound rate of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028. ( 

How to Meet Massive CBD Demand 
Hemp processors, lab directors, and extraction facilities are looking for a way to meet this increasing demand. The key focus is on how to deliver a quality product at scale with lower processing costs attached to the finished output. 

How do you keep up with the enormous demand for exclusive cannabinoids that are being discovered and marketed each day? Are you looking for a partner that can be flexible in your extraction needs? Are you entrusted with making the decisions of scaling your hemp processing business? Would you like to make money as you are saving money? What about freeing up some of your precious time while knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives? 

Ready to clear the bottleneck?
The answer may rest with a unique process that will turn massive amounts of hemp biomass quickly and efficiently into clean crude oil. Fully automated, hands-free, turnkey systems that allow for data analysis of each step of the extraction process, even remotely.  

We will examine these important factors at length. ENTEXS will provide the perfect solution you have been searching for.  We will explain how to turn your hemp extract business into a force to be reckoned with. 

Ethanol Extraction vs Comparative Methods

How can ethanol extraction methods and equipment be utilized to scale up your business effectively and efficiently? Let’s take a serious dive into the processing of hemp biomaterial.

We will cover the following aspects of ethanol extraction and comparable methods of extraction. List the pros and cons of each and provide information on the best route to take for your extraction business. 

  • Ethanol defined 
  • Ethanol’s historic use 
  • Compare cannabinoid extraction techniques  
  • Benefits and advantages of the ethanol extraction process 
  • Introduction to ENTEXS Ethanol Extraction equipment and process 
  • ENTEXS product line  
  • ENTEXS solving extraction technology pain points 
  • Generous support available 

Ethanol: What It Is and How It is Used 
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) resides in a segment of a category of organic compounds generally named alcohols. It is made up of two carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is a colorless flammable liquid that is generally thought to be much safer to utilize than other alcohols. It is the most established solvent next to the water. 

Traditional ethanol extraction methods have been employed in the processing of many different products such as flavorings, food colorings, perfumes, medicinal bases, and essential oils. Food-grade ethanol has been used safely and reliably for many years. 

Ethanol extraction methods are considered safe for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes. Advances in technology have recently made it cost-effective as well as lucrative at scale. 

Co2 Extraction Comparative 
While the use of Co2 might have an edge in hemp processing on a massive scale, because it is simple to procure, cheap, and environmentally friendly, most producers will not want to use this expensive extraction method for other reasons. 

Higher upfront costs are associated with establishing a Co2 extraction process. This is a deterrent for many looking to enter the cannabis space. 

Co2 extraction is also time and labor-intensive. Hands and eyes must be engaged at many stages. This extraction technique is less efficient and more costly than utilizing ethanol extraction methods in the long term. 

Extracting cannabinoids and terpenes using Co2 extraction methods will result in a loss of precious targeted compounds. The wax and fats of the plants stay in during the extraction and will need to be “winterized” to be removed. Time, money, and product loss are something that cannot afford to be wasted. 

Ethanol Extraction: Maceration

Maceration has been a time-honored method of extracting phytochemicals with ethanol for traditional medical preparations. There are advantages and disadvantages to this extraction process. 


  • Maceration can be used at a small or large scale
  • Can be extracted promptly 
  • Ease of process 


  • Highly inconsistent results
  • Monitor and control are minimal for targeting specific compounds
  • Leaning on variables such as materials, proof of ethanol, and a temperature it can take a long time to extract
  • The extract will contain chlorophyll, water, and other compounds. The reason is the loss of control over temperature and the polarity of the solvent 

This clearly may not be the ideal extraction method. Purity of product is usually the end goal for extracting cannabinoids. Maceration extraction methods do not meet these needs. 

Ethanol Extraction: Advances in Technology

How do you develop a final quality product with consistency? How can you scale your business or streamline extraction processes for optimization? Simply, what are your plans for meeting the massive CBD demand? 

Ethanol extraction machinery has been developed and advanced to handle all of the previous issues without sacrificing anything to inefficiency. Automated systems that take the guesswork out of data capture and make the reliability of the product the focus. 

Because ethanol extraction equipment can be utilized efficiently to break down hemp biomaterials, this method is cost-effective to maximize the production of full-spectrum crude oil. 

Summary of Benefits of Ethanol Extraction Over Co2 Extraction  

What are the advantages of the ethanol extraction process over Co2 extraction methods? 

  • Can fully automate the process
  • Increase your yields
  • Maximize your production
  • Increased efficiency and quality

ENTEXS Extraction Technology

ENTEXS has constructed the most advantageous scalable ethanol extraction processes on the market. A fully turnkey system, automated for desirable outcomes. Taking hemp biomass and producing full spectrum crude oil, distillate, or isolate that measures undetectable for THC after remediation.

The proprietary technology of the ENTEXS system allows for the continuous production of cannabinoids and terpenes. Maximum yields can be expected from each batch of hemp biomass. This ethanol extraction method is a complete processing solution.

Delivering precision results time and time again, ENTEXS Ethanol Extraction technology will make your operations run smoother. Each batch run results in the capture of 98% cannabinoids and recovery of 97% of ethanol. ENTEXS ethanol extraction machinery eliminates the need for guesswork.  

Developed with a passion that drives ingenuity, ENTEXS is the answer to automating ethanol extraction with ease. Freeing up precious time for other endeavors. 

Labs can be assured that the highest quality results are being produced with Entexs specialized Ethanol extraction machinery.  

The ENTEXS team understands your concerns and strives to deliver the solutions you need. 

Our ethanol extraction equipment is designed specifically to decrease labor costs. As a hands-free operation safety risks are reduced. Data is digitized for remote readings. No need to have crews manning the system. From the time hemp biomaterials enter the machine to the end process, you can expect ease of operation.

You might ask, “But my situation is special”. We understand. The ENTEXS team can help with any unique circumstance. Our technology can be scaled to fit your requirements. We have a group of in-house engineers to diligently address these manufacturing specialty needs.

Recap of Benefits of ENTEXS Extraction Process

What is unique about the ENTEXS ethanol extraction process and equipment? 

  • Can be scaled to customers’ needs
  • Providing fully automated processes from hemp biomass to full-spectrum crude, distillate and or isolate, and THC remediation
  • Hands-off 
  • Turnkey operation
  • Reduces risks of inefficiencies of compromised quality Safety risks due to increased labor  

Ethanol extraction by employing ENTEXS’ proprietary and superior technology should be a top consideration for your hemp processing business.

Top of Class CBD Extraction and Refinement

Let’s take a look at the specialized machinery and the fundamental process that ENTEXS offers. Whatever your extraction needs, with ENTEXS it can be achieved. Perfection at scale. 

We will present each of  ENTEXS performance lines and discuss an overview of the system features and specifications. Finding the right product for your business’s necessities is important from the start.

Ethanol Extraction Technology

The process features of all of the ENTEXS extraction equipment in the MINI product line are featured below. 

ENTEXS Extraction Process MINI Line Features 

  • Hands-Free, no-touch technology throughout the extraction process
  • Reduces waste 
  • Reduces jeopardizing quality and possibility of contamination 
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Lessen safety risks 

MINI Series

Our MINI 3 has many more benefits such as being able to reduce cost, and energy requirements and save space by reducing overhead. This unit has a small footprint at 25′ w X 7′ d X 10′ h. Don’t let the size fool you. Batch rates are an incredible 300lbs per 16hrs. 

This small-scale extraction operation has a high-speed batch centrifuge with closed-loop extraction methods. It uses ethanol-based solvent at a temperature that is capable and can be configured down to -80c. Giving this system the ability to capture over 98% of cannabinoids and over 97% recovery of the solvent.  

This is truly a hands-free process from hemp biomass to finished product. With push-button control, we offer our evaporation/ distillation unit to produce full-spectrum hemp crude or distillate offtake.  

Addons are also an option for terpene extraction, Crystallization, and T-free choices. 

A slightly larger extraction business may be interested in our MINI 9. This ethanol extraction machinery has the same footprint size (25′ w X 7′ d X 10′ h) as the MINI 3 but has a greater processing capacity.  

All the same amazing benefits with the capability to handle 37 lbs an hour, 450 lbs per 12 hrs, and 900 lbs per day. This is a complete processing solution. 

Another small-scale Entexs extraction process is the MINI 18. Although the footprint size is slightly larger (12′ w X 6′ d X 8′ h) it is capable of extracting much more crude than the previous two examples. Batch size is an impressive 75 lbs an hour, 900 lbs per 12 hours, and 1800 lbs per day.

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 9 Extraction System

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 18 Extraction System



The ENTEXS MIDI is a huge leap forward in processing hemp into clean, consistent cannabinoid compounds. This process includes a continuous feed carousel for a truly hands-free automated experience. 

The abundant processing capabilities of the ENTEXS MIDI are rated at 187 lbs per hour, 2250 lbs per 12 hours, and 4500 lbs in one day.  

Here are the highlights of the MIDI in addition to all of the other cost-saving benefits of the ENTEXS ethanol extraction process: 

  • Biomaterials self-feeding bin
  • An inclined cleated conveyor
  • Proprietary extraction carousel 
  • Solvent recovery press
  • Touch screen GUI with FPGA- based automation
  • Insulated holding tanks
  • Evaporation and integrated distillation module
  • Cascade Chiller 

Our most dynamic system is the MAXI. Able to produce an amazing 850 lbs per hour, 10,000 lbs per 12 hours, and 20,000 lbs per day.  

The MAXI has the maximum advantage. It is completely turnkey and fully automated. No need to winterize the solution. Particulates are completely separated using cryo ethanol.  

The cascade chillers and multi-stage wiped film evaporation guarantee high-quality crude for genuine full-spectrum hemp oil and/or distillate.  

With a continuous processing rate of 20,000 lbs a day, this could lead your hemp processing business, lab enterprise, or extraction facility into a new era of growth. 

ENTEXS Midi - CBD Extraction Machine


Midi Extraction System

ENTEXS Maxi - CBD Extraction Machine


Maxi Extraction System

What About THC Remediation?

How do we make sure that THC is undetectable in the final product?  

Comprehensive in-house testing has verified the potential to achieve very low loss rates on batches ranging in size from liters to thousands of liters regardless of the starting THC readings. 

ENTEXS RMD-T Series THC Remediation Equipment ensures industry-dominating THC remediation technology. 

Worried about product quality and safety? The process is solventless and the system is developed and built to conform with cGMP standards. 

The RMD T70, the RMD T200, and the RMD T450 have the capabilities to produce 70, 200, and 450 liters per day, respectively. A minimal CBD loss rate of less than 5%.  

The only large-scale alternative, until now, was industrial chromatography with a CapEx/OpEx of roughly 20x and CBD loss rates of 3x to 10x when compared to ENTEXS’ RMD-T series. A true breakthrough technology.  

Advantages of ENTEXS THC Remediation Technology

  • Cost-effective 
  • CBD loss rates below 5% 
  • Solventless process
  • Scalable remediation solutions 


RMD T70 - THC Remediation

THC Remediation System - T70


RMD T200 - THC Remediation


RMD T450 - THC Remediation

More ENTEXS Process Benefits

Complimentary services provided include:

  • Installation support
  • Site review
  • Operation support
  • Personalized service
  • And much more  

Breaking Bottlenecks with ENTEXS Ethanol Extraction Process

The CBD industry will continue to grow at astronomical rates. Producers will have to increase production if they want to keep up. The ability to inexpensively scale without jeopardizing quality is crucial. 

ENTEXS presents the perfect solution for your extraction needs with continuous support in all areas of the process. With ENTEXS as your partner, your extraction business will be meeting and exceeding industry desires for years to come.  

Contact us today to see the possibilities. 


Valizadehderakhshan M, Shahbazi A, Kazem-Rostami M, Todd MS, Bhowmik A, Wang L. Extraction of Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp)—Review. Agriculture. 2021; 11(5):384. 

The costs of the construction of your extraction equipment are linked to the needs of the company and the amount of biomass that the company needs to process per day.

At ENTEXS we have a professional team that will help you identify your needs and guide you in making the right decisions for the implementation of CBD extraction equipment that meets the extraction demands of your company.

Please fill out the following form to get in contact with our team of advisors to further provide you with information and pricing.