Dual Pass


The ENTEXS standalone distillation system features dual pass distillation enabling continuous feed from crude to final distillate offtake. A heated holding and feed tank allow feed product to be heated to a pumpable temperature for precise metering via gear pump to the first stage WFE (wiped film evaporator) for light volatile stripping.

Continuous feed from the 1st pass to the short path wiped film enables continuous production. The distillate, residue, and condensable traps all feature offtake pumps to eliminate processing stop points and bottlenecks. TCU’s for each thermal process features precise temperature control with jacketed feed lines to eliminate cooling and blockage. The vacuum system features high pumping speed diffusion and roughing pumps that allow for mTorr vacuum levels with dual vacuum control for optimum process quality control.

Full control over the entire process with our intuitive touchscreen interface allows a reliable control scheme while enabling processing history and real-time data feedback. This stand-alone module can be paired with other ENTEXS modules (extraction, evaporation, remediation, and/or crystallization) for plug-and-play extraction expansion capability.

Dual Pass



Footprint: 7’W x 6’ D X 7’ H
Power: 12KW (Based on Configuration)
Temperature: -100 C (Cold Traps) to 200 C
Pressure Rating: Full Vac Voltage: 208 / 240 / 480 (Configurable)

processing RATE

Throughput: configurable upto 10 KG/HR continuous

System hardware

Jacketed feed tank
Feed Pumps (2x)
Offtake pumps (4x)
up to 12” wfe evaporator (configurable)
sight glass and level sensors (5X)
cold traps (2x)
diffusion pump roughing pump
dual vac controller cold finger
TCU (4x)
Industrial Controller W/Touch Screen Interface
Structural Frame (304ss)
Sanitary Piping TYP