Ancillary Equipment

ENTEXS steam distillation terpene extraction module enables high-quality essential oil extraction using a vacuum to create low-temperature steam. An inert gas purge is also utilized for optimum extracted terpene profiles. This turn-key system features the steam generator, extraction vessels, condenser, condensate tank, vacuum system, and essential oil/water sensor for post-extraction separation. Fully automated routines allow user customization and full process control to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

ENTEXS Terpene Module

Crystallization Module

The ENTEXS Crystallizer platform takes distillate to pure isolate. This platform is designed to mate with the ENTEXS extraction platform but can also operate as a stand-alone isolation solution. Featuring fully automated crystallization routines, this system enables fully closed-loop processing of distillate to isolate including solvent recovery from the mother liquor.

ENTEXS Crystallization Module

Dual Stage Distillation

The ENTEXS standalone distillation system features dual pass distillation enabling continuous feed from crude to final distillate offtake. A heated holding and feed tank allow feed product to be heated to a pumpable temperature for precise metering via gear pump to the first stage WFE (wiped film evaporator) for light volatile stripping.

ENTEXS Dual Pass Distillation