Continuous Feed Carousel

Patented continuous feed carousel runs extraction processes in parallel, increasing throughput efficiency for ultra low temp extraction. Programmable routines for extraction, drain, and drying times. Auto-load and dump for fully automated operation.

Smart Conveyor

Cleated conveyors with class rated drive systems and precise batch weighing technology ensure repeatable and accurate biomass loading routines with time-history data on total weight of biomass transferred, transfer time, and individual batch load weight. Configurable with loading bin, height and inclination angle, and pneumatic actuated unloading options.

Wiped Film Evaporator

Our stand-alone WFE skid is able to run Miscella to crude, decarb, and/or multipass distillation routines without any manual input required. Wiped film evaporator utilizes over 10 sq. ft. of surface area, is mechanically sealed, utilizes both internal and external condensers, and can run down to mtorr vacuum. Over 90 KW of heating power supplied with integrated heat transfer fluid loop allows high temp configurable distillation routines to be run fully automated. Includes thermally jacketed holding tanks, flow meters, vacuum sensors, heat exchangers, thermocouples, pumps, vacuum system, cold trap, valves, plumbing, and automation control panel with 24” touch panel interface.

Holding Tanks

Sanitary grade, 304ss, ASME holding tanks are vacuum rated and include heating jackets to ensure product flow and pumpability. Include pressure gauge, viewport, and KF fittings to adapt to your system. Configurable sizes from 1-200 Liters.


Stand-alone 304ss sanitary process filtration skid designed and built in-house to target industry specific filtration needs. Features pressure cartridge filter design with recirculation, in-process servicing, and configurable element types. Can handle standard filtration, color remediation, and is customizable for filter surface area and flowrate needs. Can be supplied with automation controller, feed/circ pump, pneumatic and manual control valves.  


Cascade chillers for ultra low temp support down to -115 C. 3kW to 180 kW cooling capacities, touch screen controls. Class rated components, voltage configurable. Fastest lead time in the market.