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CBD, THC, and Hemp Extraction Systems prepared for GMP / cGMP Certification

CBD, THC, and hemp extraction systems prepared for GMP / cGMP certification

Few companies in the hemp or cannabis industry have achieved GMP certification, a setback for those companies that have not yet understood the importance and advantages of having GMP certificates. There is an increasingly growing demand for pharmaceutical-grade hemp and cannabis products.

Perhaps these companies did not understand how paramount certification can be in manufacturing or extraction processes. GMP certification helps to be more efficient, create safer products, and differentiate themselves from the rest from a marketing point of view. 

What is GMP certification?

The GMP certification or “Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices” verifies the efficacy, safety, and quality of food or pharmaceutical products’ by addressing the manufacturing process. GMP is a significant improvement seal for your food safety management system that gives your customers confidence in your company and its commitment to producing safe, trusted, high-quality, consistently produced CBD, THC, or hemp oil or extracts. 

GMPs control sanitary requirements, procedures, and applications while verifying good practices in processing products for the medicinal market.

In the United States, Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP (known as cGMP under more stringent requirements) follow FDA regulations under Title 21 CFR. The federal guidelines provide requirements for manufacturers to ensure that their products meet quality and safety standards that protect consumers.

The GMP or cGMP certificates are a hallmark of quality that guarantees that their products comply with FDA regulations and provide peace of mind to their customers that their products are of the highest quality and are safe for human consumption. Thus a distinction to your marketing and an advantage over your competitors.

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 9 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 18 Extraction System

At ENTEXS, we have considered the importance of these regulations. We have designed and built our Hemp and Cannabis Extraction Systems as well as our THC remediation systems to be engineered to meet the necessary measures to receive GMP or cGMP certification.

Our extraction and remediation systems are built with the highest standards, focused on performance, scalability, and quality in the oil extracted from hemp or cannabis.

Additionally, we offer the best service in your search for the most suitable extraction system. Our post-sales service and guarantee can provide peace of mind in your investment.

Our extraction equipment is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, with high-quality raw materials and Next-Generation Technology for extraction efficiency and quality.

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