ENTEXS Extraction Systems

Pioneering Pharmaceutical-Grade Solutions for GMP and FDA Compliance

In the rapidly evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, adherence to stringent regulatory standards is paramount. ENTEXS, a leading provider of extraction solutions, stands at the forefront, offering cutting-edge systems meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. 

Innovative Engineering for Pharmaceutical Excellence

ENTEXS excels in engineering and fabricating state-of-the-art extraction systems tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, the company integrates advanced technology and precision engineering to ensure pharmaceutical-grade solutions that adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. 

At the core of ENTEXS’s offerings are comprehensive extraction systems designed to optimize efficiency and productivity while maintaining compliance with GMP and FDA regulations. These systems are equipped with advanced features to facilitate precise control over extraction parameters, ensuring consistency and reproducibility in pharmaceutical production processes. 

ENTEXS goes beyond mere extraction, offering a suite of integrated solutions to address various stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing. From pre-extraction processes such as THC remediation to post-extraction techniques like isolate crystallization and terpene extraction, ENTEXS provides a holistic approach to pharmaceutical production that aligns seamlessly with GMP and FDA requirements. 

Ensuring Quality and Safety

With a steadfast commitment to quality and safety, ENTEXS prioritizes the integrity of pharmaceutical products at every step of the extraction process. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented to uphold GMP standards, while adherence to FDA regulations guarantees the safety and efficacy of the final pharmaceutical products. 

Meeting the Challenges of Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry can be daunting, but with ENTEXS extraction systems, companies can confidently meet the challenges of compliance. By investing in ENTEXS solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers gain a competitive edge, ensuring not only regulatory adherence but also the highest levels of product quality and consumer safety. 

In an industry where regulatory compliance is non-negotiable, ENTEXS stands as a trusted partner, providing pharmaceutical-grade extraction systems that meet the rigorous standards of GMP and FDA requirements. With innovative engineering, integrated solutions, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, ENTEXS empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve new heights of success while prioritizing quality, safety, and compliance. 

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Extraction Platform

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 1

100 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 3

300 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 9

900 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 18

1800 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction


4500 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmidi + industrial

18000 lbs per day

cold water extraction


50 lbs / batch

cold water extraction


100 lbs / batch

cold water extraction


200 lbs / batch


Remediation Systems

Up to 30L / batch


70L / batch


70L / batch


200L / batch


450L / batch



Standalone Modules