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How In-House Engineering Benefits CBD Extraction Equipment

How In-House Engineering-Benefits CBD Extraction Equipment

What benefits come from a CBD extraction equipment manufacturer offering in-house engineering? Is all the added effort to custom make every component worth it? It might seem unnecessary. Custom usually means more work and higher costs, so why bother? 

Contrary to what you may initially think, engineering everything in-house actually saves money for the client and makes everything easier in the long run. Custom in-house engineering makes systems more efficient, eliminates frustrating idiosyncrasies, and enables the manufacturer to provide the highest quality support possible. 

ENTEXS custom engineers all our systems in-house from the ground up to create genuinely purpose-built systems designed to maximize both efficiency and overall yield. According to Justin Cileo, our Co-Founder, who also happens to be an engineer, “Engineering is a core competency for us at ENTEXS; this is one of the pillars on which our company is built. This capability enables us to design our systems from the ground up to meet the demands of the market. We are able to take the feedback from our customers and our testing and rapidly integrate this into the next generation of products. Engineering is the innovation engine.” 

So, how can our custom in-house engineering take your business to the next level? There are more than a few things to consider. 

In-Depth Technical Support to Actually Solve Problems 
We’ve all been there; you contact technical support for some vital equipment not behaving the way you need it to, only for one company to pass the buck to another, and so on. In the end, you never get a clear answer on how to fix it. 

This happens because most of the systems businesses rely on, whether they’re computer systems or manufacturing systems, are made from cobbled-together components by a company that only cares about putting together that system as inexpensively as possible. When something goes wrong, they’re quick to point the finger at whichever company manufactured the troublesome component. Worse yet, they’ll tell you that you’re to blame for using it incorrectly. 

If your system was designed and built in-house by the same company, you’re guaranteed that they’ll have the expertise to help you. With the technical expertise from our team on the entire system, we can provide comprehensive support to help maintain your system with specific component evaluation and troubleshooting. We can even help with your initial planning and installation, as well as ensure your staff is fully trained with a kind of depth and understanding that only comes from going straight to the source.  

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Maxi Extraction System


Maxi Extraction System

Tailored Products to Meet Specific Needs 

When a company like ENTEXS engineers their products all in-house, it gives them complete control over their components. That control brings with it several unmatchable benefits; chief among them is flexibility.  

With flexibility comes the ability to tailor our systems to your specific needs. We can configure our systems to fit perfectly within the confines of your facility. Most basically, we can physically configure your system to match your facility’s layout. On an engineering level, we can adjust our system to meet your facility’s utility capabilities and work within the limitations of your local power grid. Additionally, we can build to meet GMP compliance, per the clients’ needs. 

ENTEXS’ intuitive system controls and the software that handles the automation of your system are all built—you guessed it—in-house. That means that not only can our engineers tailor the physical hardware of your system, but they can also customize the software configurations to your SOP’s, as well.  

No Compromises… Ever
In-house engineering also means that we never need to compromise, and that means that our customers never need to compromise either. We approach each design as a system problem and are not constrained by off-the-shelf items or modules that often result in a disparate system. We design our components and modules specifically to work together and enable balanced, end-to-end processing. If a manufacturer is reliant on someone else to build part of a system, that can seriously limit capabilities. In-house engineering blows the roof off that problem, allowing ENTEXS to create robust systems with attention to detail on its’ processes and capabilities. Nowhere can you see this displayed better than our systems’ cryo-temperature capabilities. Most systems on the market can only achieve temperatures of –40 to -60C because they’re built using off-the-shelf components. ENTEXS systems can easily handle temperatures down to -80C with our custom engineered components.  

Efficiency is key in any extraction operation, but how many cannabis and hemp processors consider the inefficiencies in their CBD extraction system caused by components that aren’t designed specifically to work with one another. Sure, the retrofitted system should function, and you’ll get the desired product, but how much raw material is wasted? What about solvent? Do those inefficiencies drive up energy costs? All ENTEXS components and modules are engineered specifically to work with one another at maximum efficiency, enabling a balanced system from start to finish. 

Purpose-built proprietary tech is another way to ensure that you never need to compromise. For our MIDI systems, ENTEXS custom-developed a continuous-feed carousel to keep a steady flow of raw material into the system at the exact ideal pace and weight to keep the extraction process moving ahead smoothly and efficiently, without the tremendous labor need of constantly bagging and inputting biomass. 

Of course, that extends to software as well. With in-house design and engineering, there’s never a need to shoehorn software into a role it wasn’t ever built to fill. It also means you aren’t reliant on generalized tech that is weighted down with needless features to potentially lead to bugs, added maintenance, and possibly even security issues. Custom-built software ensures that the programs powering your system do exactly what they’re supposed to do, at all times. Having software designed and built by the system manufacturer also means you’ll always be able to get troubleshooting help and regular maintenance and updates.  

No matter what your business needs, a CBD extraction system manufacturer that handles all their engineering and design in-house will be able to meet, and often exceed, those needs by tailoring their systems and the components they’re comprised of exactly to your business without ever having to compromise. 

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