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What is the best CBD extraction equipment to obtain the highest profit?

CBD Extraction Equipment - ENTEXS

The extraction of cannabidiol or “CBD, cannabichromene or “CBC” and cannabigerol or “CBG,” among other cannabinoids, has exploded in recent years due to its high demand in the industry of hemp-based products.

The trend continues to rise as governments pass laws that make the use of hemp components more flexible in the creation of products for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

Is composed of different cannabinoids that promise to be alternative sources to pharmaceutical medicine with tremendous results in different studies carried out to date.

Because of these advancements and discoveries, hemp extraction has become a big business that grows every day, pushing the hemp extraction industry to improve extraction equipment for processing CBD, CBC, CBG, etc.

CBD extraction equipment and the technology used in extraction processes help define product quality and potential profit for hemp oil producers.

There are various methods offering alternatives to the market, but few with patented technology, in-house manufacturing of superior quality, and performance data.

At ENTEXS we have designed and engineered patented technology that offers the industry equipment for the extraction of CBD, CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids systems that increase the efficiency of extraction along with automation to decrease overhead costs and labor, thus providing a higher profit return and consistent, the quality output of products.

Our mission is simple: To offer the best hemp and cbd extraction equipment on the market with the highest technology and the best customer service in the industry. We have the best team of engineers and scientists who add many years of experience in the industry to offer the best cbd extraction technology.

What equipment do you need for CBD extraction?

ENTEXS has different CBD and hemp extraction systems according to the customers’ needs. Our systems are complete extraction solutions utilizing closed-circuit extraction routines and ultra-cold temperatures via ethanol solvent capable of capturing more than 98% of cannabinoids and recovering more than 97% of the solvent.

This engineering optimization offers increased efficiencies in our extraction solutions with a higher quality of the final product while reducing operating costs and increasing profit for the processor.

Among our extraction systems we offer the following CBD extraction equipment to the market:


MINI Series

Our small-scale extraction systems are designed to reduce cost, power requirements and space for a complete processing solution. Depending on your CBD and hemp extraction input needs, our ENTEXS MINI Series has hemp extraction or processing options from 450 pounds up to 1800 pounds per 24 hours.

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 9 Extraction System

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 18 Extraction System



For large-scale, industrial production or extraction of CBD oil, we offer extraction equipment with state-of-the-art patented technology. Fully automated, closed-loop, cold ethanol extraction systems capable of continuously processing biomass to true full-spectrum crude oil and/or distillate.

Our larger systems feature a continuous feed carousel for biomass processing ranging from 4,500 pounds up to 20,000 pounds per day. Most of the extraction process does not require operator intervention, thus reducing operating costs and risks to worker safety.

In consideration of all possible solutions and to meet the demands and needs of the industry, ENTEXS has also developed a mobile platform for CBD extraction equipment with the same technology and processing capacity of our ENTEXS Midi system, allowing growers to place the extraction system directly at the farm, saving logistical costs and time.

Find the perfect high-throughput solution for CBD extraction equipment in either our ENTEXS MIDI, ENTEXS MAXI Systems

ENTEXS Midi - CBD Extraction Machine


Midi Extraction System

ENTEXS Maxi - CBD Extraction Machine


Maxi Extraction System

How much does a CBD oil extraction machine cost?

The costs of the construction of your extraction equipment are linked to the needs of the company and the amount of biomass that the company needs to process per day.

At ENTEXS we have a professional team that will help you identify your needs and guide you in making the right decisions for the implementation of CBD extraction equipment that meets the extraction demands of your company.

Please fill out the following form to get in contact with our team of advisors to further provide you with information and pricing. 

Is CBD extraction profitable?

There is currently a high demand for hemp oil across many industries and the availability of quality extraction technology and producers are low. Toll processors can take up to 60% of the CBD or its value as a fee, resulting in a high profitability rate for companies dedicated to the extraction of CBD oil.