Extraction Systems



A complete processing solution from biomass input to crude and/or distillate. Features high-speed batch centrifuge with closed loop extraction routines utilizing ultra-cold temperature ethanol-based solvent enabling complete and high-quality cannabinoid capture without the need for winterization. Multi-stage filtration utilizes both particulate and color remediation with inter-stage pressure sensors and sight glasses for quality feedback.

Closed loop solvent recovery with desolventizing and decarboxylation routines enables full spectrum crude production under vacuum and reduced heat conditions with no need for roto-vaps or vac ovens for final oil processing. Multi-pass distillation module enables crude oil refinement utilizing terp strip and final distillation (2nd pass) routines. Complete system automation enables touch button control with tunable parameters for single-operator control. Closed loop process with integrated heated lines and pumps eliminates open pours and the need for external heat sources such as heat guns, tape, etc.

ENTEXS - Complete Process

Complete Process

Our systems are designed for optimization on each of your processes.



Process Features

Hands-Free Technology

Hands-free Technology

No-touch process throughout the extraction process eliminates potentially reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor, and safety risks.

Cloud Network

Cloud Network

From your phone or computer, real-time and trend monitoring of the extraction process can be leveraged to optimize efficiency.

No Winterization

No Winterization

Bypass this extensive and time-consuming step by controlling and maintaining solvent temperature during the extraction process below -50 °C.​

Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System

Solvent temperature control maintains precise extraction temperature. Combined with our automation, complete control over final product states can be configured and run.

Automated System

Fully Automated

User configured routines and flow control from biomass to full-spectrum crude, distillate, and/or isolate

ENTEXS Mini Extraction Equipment



Cooling Method: Low Temp Chiller
Throughput Capacity: Up to 10lb/batch
Temperature Range: -60° for extraction to +200° C for distillate production


Voltage: 208/230/460V (Configurable at time of order)
Electrical Rating: C1D2 Minimum
Power: 60 kW total


Footprint: 25’W x 6’D x 8’H (total system footprint)
Temperature Rating: -60° to +200° C
Pressure Rating: Full Vacuum to Atm.
Solvent Holding Volume: 55 gal working volume
HMI Interface: Remote Touch Panel
Controller: Industrial PLC UL Listed Components