Mobile Toll Processing

ENTEXS offers toll processing straight to farm via our proprietary mobile systems for a complete, turn-key mobile extraction solution, eliminating transportation & storage logistics.

Turn-key solutions customized to your needs

Lab Planning, Installation & Training

Our team consists of licensed professional engineers and fabricators that assist our clients with their technical design & installation.

The experts at ENTEXS are here to walk you through the ins and outs of the extraction process while providing you with the tools to scale your company. Our team carries out all processes with the highest quality standards and will provide your team with the following:

ENTEXS Lab Planning Services

Engineering Compliance Documentation

Technical design report by licensed professional engineers and field verification per NFPA 38

Standard Operational Procedure

All systems are provided with standard operating manuals. Entexs also provides standard operating training with new installations

Advanced Extraction Method Training

Learn how to optimize process efficiencies by tuning system setpoints, creating custom routines, and interpreting system data

Wiped Film Distillate Training

In person training on short path distillation techniques including 1st pass light volatile removal and multi-pass distillation for high quality extracts

Lab Workflow

Guidance and support on lab setup for optimizing extraction workflow

Basic Equipment Installation and Pre-site Checklist

The ENTEXS design and fabrication team will perform a pre-installation site visit and provide recommendations for installation Feasibility

Post Production Techniques

Let Entexs experts support post production logistics such as biomass removal, oil storage and offtake, consumables, and quality control

General Concept and Product Consulting

ENTEXS supports customers from ideation thru design, build and installation

Engineer Field Verification

Onsite equipment inspection with report and findings as specified in NFPA ch 38 (when required)