The Future of

Extraction Technology

At ENTEXS, we have developed technology that revolutionizes the extraction industry by automating processes and increasing yields. Our technology enables customers to maximize production efficiency and quality.

Continuous Feed

Load the system once per day instead of once every 10 minutes. Fully continuous from biomass input to final product.

Hands-Free Technology

No touch process throughout the extraction process eliminates potential reduced efficiencies, compromised quality, increased labor and safety risks.

Closed Loop System

Solvent temperature control maintains precise extraction temperature. Combined with our automation, complete control over final product states can be configured and run.

No Winterization

Bypass this extensive and time-consuming step by controlling and maintaining solvent temperature during the extraction process below -50 °C.

Cloud Network

From your phone or computer, real-time and trend monitoring of extraction process can be leveraged to optimize efficiency.

Fully Automated

Extraction carousel with user configured routines and flow control from biomass to full spectrum crude, distillate and/or isolate.

THC Remediation

THC Remediation Technology: Cost-effective, CBD loss rate below 5%, solventless and scalable remediation solutions.



Real-time CBD and THC reading technology