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THC Remediation Technology for Hemp-Derived Extracts, Products

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The RMD-T Series achieves cost-effective, very low loss-rate, solventless and scalable remediation.

ENTEXS has launched new THC remediation systems, the RMD-T Series.

THC remediation is difficult for manufacturers of hemp-derived extracts or products.

CBD products, to be federally compliant, must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

For many consumers, however, the presence of any THC is unacceptable and producers in this category must achieve non-detectable (ND) levels of THC.

To complicate matters, the allowable level of THC in the hemp plant at harvest can be as high as 1.0% and experts project that 40% or more of hemp harvested for CBD production will exceed the 0.3% limit, making the need for THC remediation clear…

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