ENTEXS Extraction Systems

solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

ENTEXS specializes in advanced technologies for the extraction of high-purity cannabinoids such as CBD and THC suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. The company specializes in engineering and fabricating state-of-the-art extraction systems, complemented by integrated pre- and post-extraction solutions. These encompass THC remediation, isolate crystallization, terpene extraction, dual-pass distillation, and trichome separation, offering a comprehensive approach to extraction processes. 

Extraction processes for cannabinoids draw upon sophisticated technologies similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry. ENTEXS offers tailored solutions to meet specific client demands, from custom-designed systems to complete turnkey plant installations. The cannabis pharmaceutical sector requires stringent adherence to quality, reproducibility, and meticulousness. ENTEXS emphasizes qualification and compliance with industry standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and guidelines from regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

ENTEXS conducts a range of qualification and validation activities for its extraction systems according to the European Union (EU) GMP guidelines, including performance qualification (PQ), operational qualification (OQ), installation qualification (IQ), factory acceptance test (FAT), design qualification (DQ), and site acceptance test (SAT). 

Key to the production of consistent and high-quality cannabinoid products is precise dosing and mixing. ENTEXS ensures efficient and reliable processing by designing optimal agitation vessels and systems. The company offers turnkey solutions that guarantee safe and verifiable production, adhering to recipe specifications and facilitating comprehensive monitoring and documentation of all process parameters. 

The initial phase of the workflow involves the extraction process, dictated by the specific input and volume of raw material and desired end-product. Techniques such as evaporation, remediation, and distillation are seamlessly integrated into the system, through a closed-loop and fully automated process. 

ENTEXS is committed to manufacturing custom-engineered and highly specialized systems that meet client specifications and comply with relevant regulations. By evaluating objectives, process parameters, and overviews, ENTEXS partners with customers to offer lab planning and workflow, engineering compliance, SOPs, installation, and training while focusing on process safety, aiming to deliver high-quality products with reliable production to meet client expectations. 

ENTEXS also focuses on regular inspections, servicing, and maintenance to minimize downtime and equipment failures. In case of any operational issues, ENTEXS’s trained service engineers are equipped and ready to provide swift maintenance services. Beyond system installation and commissioning, ENTEXS remains available as a continuous contact for optimization and ongoing plant service, ensuring enduring client support and satisfaction. 

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Extraction Platform

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 1

100 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 3

300 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 9

900 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmini 18

1800 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction


4500 lbs per day

Ethanol extraction

entexsmidi + industrial

18000 lbs per day

cold water extraction


50 lbs / batch

cold water extraction


100 lbs / batch

cold water extraction


200 lbs / batch


Remediation Systems

Up to 30L / batch


70L / batch


70L / batch


200L / batch


450L / batch



Standalone Modules