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How can an ENTEXS MINI Extraction System Benefit Your Business?

How Can an ENTEXS MINI Extraction System Benefit Your Business?

Selecting the right extraction system for your cannabis processing business is crucial. That machine will be at the heart of your operation. Your extraction system will determine a lot about the quality of the product you produce, the volume you can process, your operating costs, and the daily work of your employees. That’s why it’s essential to choose a system with advantages to boost efficiency, provide maximum control, and create a manageable and streamlined process.  

The ENTEXS MINI line of closed-loop extraction systems are fully engineered and fabricated in the United States for industry-leading quality, efficiency, and control to give your business a competitive edge to create truly exemplary cannabis products. 

Closed-Loop and Completely Hands-Free 
All ENTEXS MINI systems are closed-loop ethanol-based extraction systems. Closed-loop extraction systems offer numerous benefits over their open counterparts. Additionally, the MINI systems are also designed for an entirely hands-free operation.  

Closed-loop extraction systems are, by nature, more efficient. Open-loop processes leave more room for inefficiency by allowing solvent to escape, introducing contaminants, and making temperature more difficult to regulate. By virtue of being closed to the outside world, closed-loop extraction systems keep everything that’s supposed to remain inside the system in and everything that should never be introduced into the system out. That means the solvent can’t escape, and temperature is easier to maintain. In fact, ENTEXS MINI systems are built to reclaim and reuse up to 97% of their solvent and maintain temperatures as low as -80°C.  

MINI systems are also fully hands-free. There’s no need for employees to interfere with the extraction process once it has started. The system will do all the work autonomously. This hands-free approach boosts efficiency by remaining tightly controlled, produces a higher quality product, and eliminates needless safety risks. Of course, since your employees don’t need to micromanage the extraction process, it frees them up to be productive elsewhere within your business.  

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 9 Extraction System

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 18 Extraction System

21st Century Control  
Wouldn’t it be great if your extraction system ran itself? ENTEXS MINI systems do! Every model in the MINI line is fully automated and capable of taking raw plant material to finished concentrate without any outside intervention.  

All MINI systems feature dual 24-inch touch screen control panels that allow you complete control over the extraction process. Those screens enable you to configure routines and the flow from raw material to full-spectrum crude or distillate. Once the system is configured, it can handle the entire process automatically.  

The best technology is connected; it’s easy to access from anywhere and simple to understand. ENTEXS MINI extraction systems are connected to the cloud. You can monitor the extraction process in real-time from your computer or mobile device, including information on trends to allow you to maximize efficiency.  

Efficiency and Adaptability
Efficiency and adaptability are often at odds with one another. Efficient systems are often rigid and streamlined. Adaptable systems usually suffer from inefficiencies in order to accommodate different options. The MINI line of extraction systems allows for adaptability without compromising efficiency.  

Winterization is a perfect example of how the MINI systems make the most of their design. Many extraction systems need to winterize their crude oil by exposing it to ultra-cold ethanol to remove unwanted plant material, like chlorophyll, fats, and waxes. The MINI extraction systems bypass the need to winterize entirely by maintaining solvent temperatures below -50°C. The unwanted material is sorted automatically, without the need for extra steps.  

At the same time, MINI systems are adaptable. Their evaporation and distillation unit is engineered to produce either full-spectrum crude or distillate at the press of a button. Not only that but MINI systems are built to expand. ENTEXS offers isolate crystallization, terpene extraction, and THC remediation add-ons, all tailored with compatibility for the MINI systems. Whatever your system’s configuration, every part of it is expertly engineered to work together at peak efficiency.  

Each aspect of the ENTEXS MINI line of ethanol extraction systems is explicitly designed to give your business an edge in the market. These systems offer peak efficiency, potentially collecting 98% of cannabinoids while reclaiming 97% of the solvent used and eliminating time-consuming processes like winterization and rotovaping. They’re built to enable a fully-automated hands-off approach while still being adaptable enough to expand and produce different concentrates. The ENTEXS MINI is ideal for nearly every extraction situation.

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