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How Does Offering In-House Fabrication Benefit an Extraction Equipment Manufacturer?

How Does Offering In-House Fabrication Benefit an Extraction Equipment Manufacturer

It’s easy to tell the difference between something made well and something that wasn’t. It’s evident in the details—what materials were used, how well it was assembled, whether everything fits together properly, and the overall substance of the object. For some things, those details don’t change things much. For an intricate machine at the heart of your business, those details can mean massive differences in quality, efficiency, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

Unmatched Quality 
It might seem obvious, but in-house fabrication allows an extraction equipment manufacturer to oversee and control every aspect of the build process. By fabricating everything in-house the manufacturer knows who is assembling the machine, which materials are used, and whether engineering specifications are followed closely.  

Would you rather your extraction equipment be fabricated by trained, knowledgeable, and skilled workers who take pride in their work or an underpaid, undertrained workforce that’s only doing the job because they need to be. Which one will produce better results? At ENTEXS, we do all our fabrication in-house, here in the USA. Our workforce is highly trained, highly skilled, and capable of fabricating premier-quality machinery. According to our fabrication shop foreman, “In-house fabrication enables us to build the best products for our customers.  It takes years of experience to learn how to work with stainless steel the way we do.  We work closely with our engineering team to build optimized systems, from heat exchangers and evaporators to tanks and frames, and everything in between. With our no-compromise approach we sweat the details.” 

When a manufacturer fabricates their own extraction equipment, they develop knowledge and expertise with each machine produced. Unlike outsourced fabrication shops that take on whichever projects come their way, a manufacturer that produces everything in-house is laser-focused on their own machinery. Each project builds upon another, and their expertise only grows.  

That kind of expertise doesn’t appear out of thin air. In order for a manufacturer to do all their fabrication in-house, they need to start from a place of experience. Part of that comes from hiring the right skilled professionals. The rest comes from a company’s own maturity. At ENTEXS, not only does our workforce have a wealth of experience, as a company, we have years of experience as sanitary fabricators building quality precision equipment for the food and beverage industry. That means that our understanding of building extraction systems rests firmly on creating equipment that must meet high standards for cleanliness, efficiency, and quality. 

In addition to a high baseline standard for quality, in-house fabrication allows a manufacturer to meet specific industry standards. When you’re talking about any system used to create a product for human consumption, there are plenty of standards for safety to meet. In-house fabrication enables a manufacturer to build extraction systems to the exact standards their customers need to meet. ENTEXS specializes in producing extraction systems which are built to meet the compliance of the FDA’s GMP standards.

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Midi Extraction System


Midi Extraction System

Maxi Extraction System


Maxi Extraction System

Customization to Perfectly Fit Your Business 
Your business is unique. Sure, most cannabis processing operations share similar needs and goals, but no other business is quite like yours. So, why rely on a cookie-cutter solution? In-house fabrication allows an extraction equipment manufacturer to tailor every aspect of a system to meet your business’s individual needs. 

Commercial cannabis extraction systems are large. They need to be in order to accommodate the complex multi-step process necessary to create a high-quality product at any kind of volume and scale. It takes a degree of knowledge and expertise to fit these large and complex machines into an available space. With in-house fabrication, an extraction equipment manufacturer can take the layout of your business into account when creating your system to ensure that it fits perfectly in whatever space you have available. 

Not everyone’s business goals are the same, and not everyone produces the same products. If you’re an innovator, you shouldn’t be punished for trying to blaze a new path. Unfortunately, this is the exact situation many businesses find themselves in with off-the-shelf systems and rigid manufacturers that can’t accommodate a customer’s specific needs. By fabricating everything in-house, an extraction system manufacturer is able to adapt their equipment to match your exact business needs and special requests, regardless of how out-of-the-box they may be. Whatever your vision, here at ENTEXS, we can adapt our systems to make it a reality. 

Trained Installation From the Source 
Imagine you just purchased a brand new extraction system for your business, but the company you bought it from doesn’t do installations. Now, you need to find a separate company locally that is willing to install the system. They say that they’re willing to install it, but how many other similar systems have they installed? Are they familiar with the manufacturer? Can they accommodate the modified configuration you need? 

When you work with an extraction system manufacturer that does their fabrication in-house, you can have your system installed by the same people that designed, engineered, and fabricated it. The installers are deeply familiar with the system and all of its components. They know when things are set up and functioning properly, and they’re familiar with optimizing your system for you.  

Extraction systems require many crucial peripheral components. When your extraction system is made by a company that produces in-house, their installers are familiar with those peripheral components, like chillers or post-processing modules such as THC remediation equipment, and they know how to configure it correctly for your system. Those same installers can place and connect your system to vital plumbing, utilities, and your house air to ensure everything is functioning properly and safely. 

ENTEXS fabricators are experts in all of our systems. They have the ability to customize your installation and calibrate any peripheral components. With our fully in-house approach, you can take comfort knowing that every aspect of your system was designed, built, and installed by trained and experienced professionals who know that system inside and out.  

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