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ENTEXS Launches Closed-Loop Extraction Equipment for Hemp Industry

ENTEXS in the media - THC Net

SACRAMENTO — ENTEXS, a Sacramento-based manufacturer of hemp extraction equipment, announced today the launch of its patent-pending, closed-loop extraction technology for growers and processors to reduce overhead costs while they increase productivity and efficiency. The timing of this launch is important as growers prioritize alternative ways to profit from surplus biomass and processors seek reliable equipment to match demand.

The patent-pending process differs from existing extraction equipment as ENTEXS is a closed-loop system that allows for the continuous feed of biomass to full-spectrum crude or distillate at industrial capacity (up to 10 tons daily). This approach removes many complications and setbacks caused by retrofitting subsets of processes from various manufacturers. Features of the system include a hands-free interface that eliminates loss caused by human interaction, cloud networking for data monitoring, and cryo-temperatures that remove the need for winterization. All of these advancements reduce product loss and increase available product…

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