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ENTEXS, In-House Engineering, Machining, and Fabrication

ENTEXS the Future of Extraction and THC Remediation Technology

ENTEXS is an extraction and remediation technology company based in Greater Sacramento, California that manufactures systems that rank among the best. ENTEXS takes great pride in facilitating engineering, machining, and fabrication entirely in-house to keep tight control over the complete manufacturing process. This aids in creating revolutionary extraction technologies with unrivaled efficiency and simplicity of use.

Before ENTEXS, the engineering team came from an aerospace and oil and gas background, and the sanitary fabrication team had built quality precision equipment for the food and beverage industry. The approach to producing in-house is one of the primary distinguishing features that sets ENTEXS apart from the bulk of the extraction equipment industry. Because they manage the development and production process in-house, each department can work and collaborate in real-time, making the development process significantly more streamlined. With the close collaboration between departments, they can produce highly efficient systems with components designed precisely for each other while also being built to GMP compliance.

This in-house method also allows ENTEXS to customize extraction systems to match specific customer requirements. The ability to tailor solutions for a particular facility or product requirements provides a competitive edge and level of customer service. Furthermore, ENTEXS offers installation through their in-house team, which understands the ins and outs of their systems.

Leading-Edge Extraction

The ENTEXS team has concentrated on efficiency throughout the entire development process and it is evident in every aspect. Their closed-loop ethanol extraction systems are configurable to run as cold as -80C and eliminate the need for winterization. ENTEXS offers systems ranging from 450 to 10,000 pounds of biomass per day to process to full-spectrum crude or distillate for a complete process. Each system is run entirely automated and controlled by the click of a button via dual touch screen panels that allow for the configuration of different routines and parameters. They are designed to work completely hands-free, with no external involvement aside from loading biomass. However, the MIDI and MAXI systems include ENTEXS‘ proprietary continuous-feed carousel, which automates the flow of hemp into the system without the need for bagging and sorting biomass.

The ENTEXS high-speed batch centrifuge offers tincture reuse, sensors for touchless control, and clean solvent rinse to increase extraction efficiencies. The desolventizing reactor features integrated routines to remove residual solvent and decarboxylate in place, eliminating open pours and rotovaping. Full-spectrum crude can then be collected, or the crude can be sent on to a multi-pass distillation system to generate distillate in a completely automated and continuous manner via heated, jacketed pipes.

THC Remediation and Additional Modules

For hemp processors following extraction, THC levels in concentrates are typically higher than national legal limits set by the US and other countries, necessitating THC remediation. ENTEXS offers the RMD-T Series with multiple sizes of automated THC remediation systems to reduce levels within compliance or non-detect levels, depending on the lab’s needs. Even Mother Liquor can be remedied with this technology.

With CBD loss rates below 5%, the RMD T-Series has the lowest loss rates of any THC remediation equipment on the market. These solventless remediation systems are built to fulfill GMP/cGMP certification criteria.

In addition to offering Cold Water Extraction, Terpene Extraction and Isolate Crystallization, when it comes to ENTEXS, the cannabis extraction process has been perfected to the point that it is now a simple, automated operation. Every design decision they’ve made in each step demonstrates the many hours of thought and research into developing their systems. ENTEXS is the gold standard in the extraction industry.