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THC Remediation Equipment

THC Remediation Equipment with revolutionary patented technology

Generally speaking, THC remediation is any process that reduces THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations to meet regulatory or quality objectives.

For this process of eliminating the cannabinoid THC, there are different remediation methods, including most conventional chromatography. The common question is‐ which of these THC remediation methods is the most efficient, economically viable, and highly profitable?

‐ Dilution is one remediation method used. Hemp seed oil or medium chain triglycerides (MCT), such as palm oil, are often used to bring THC levels within regulatory compliance.

‐ Crystallization is the most common method. After “decarboxylation” (heating to convert CBDA to CBD), CBD easily crystallizes. Crystallization also does a great job of remediating pesticides.

‐ Flash chromatography has been one of the most conventional THC remediation methods and is still one of the most widely used tools. This process uses special polymeric resins and large volumes of solvents. Supercritical fluid chromatography is emerging as a subset of flash operations. Significant solvent reductions are possible compared to conventional systems.

‐ There are additional techniques, such as Molecular Printed Polymer (MIP) technology. MIPs use polymeric resins with specificity for cannabinoid molecules. These technologies retain the THC or THCA molecules with weak attractions in the resins.

‐ Other technologies use solvents to preferentially extract acid (THCA, CBDA) or neutral forms (THC, CBD) of cannabinoids. Lastly, some technologies use precise fractional distillation to separate THC from CBD.

All of these THC remediation technologies or methods work relatively well, however scalability, operational costs and loss rates should also be considered. Offering the best technology with the best THC remediation equipment within a single system has been ENTEXS’s goal to achieve. Now enters the best solution revolutionizing the THC remediation industry as we introduce proprietary technology that supports the best efficiency, the best product quality and the best profitability, with the studies to back.

ENTEXS RMD T70 - THC Remediation System


RMD T70 - THC Remediation

RMD T450 - THC Remediation


RMD T200 - THC Remediation

RMD T200 - THC Remediation


RMD T450 - THC Remediation

ENTEXS has developed a proprietary technology that has proven to be highly efficient, solventless, and the system is designed and built to meet cGMP standards.

Our THC remediation equipment has been developed with the highest technology and is designed for modular scalability as THC remediation demands push higher production. The largest standard ENTEXS system offers processes up to 450 liters per day with CBD loss rates less than 5%.

Extensive internal testing has demonstrated the ability to achieve very low loss rates, especially utilizing cryo-ethanol extracted winterized crude, in batches ranging in size from liters to thousands of liters, regardless of initial THC levels. Our THC remediation equipment is also fully automated. With easy operation from a touch screen control.

If your company is looking to improve the quality of your final product or increase production with highly efficient remediation equipment without significant losses, ENTEXS technology can address those needs. We offer 3 standard-sized THC remediation systems that are easy and quick to install (while including installation and operator training), that will substantially increase your profit in the THC remediation and extraction industries:

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