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ENTEXS Announces new Partnership with HANNIBUS

Sacramento, CA, April 21, 2021 — ENTEXS, an engineering and technology company specializing in hands-free extraction solutions for the CBD and Hemp markets has announced a brand-new partnership with Hannibus, an emerging Hemp consultancy, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Timely Union: Texas Hempire Market
ENTEXS’ expansion and development into the Southwest region serves timely to the developing Texas Hempire, with over 1150 producer licenses issued, 5,000+ acres of Hemp in the ground, and over 15-million square feet of hemp in greenhouses- reported by the Texas Agriculture Department.

Partnership: Developing a Better Future for Our Farmers
Emil Bayan, Chief Operating Officer of ENTEXS, comments: “Our team at ENTEXS is always excited to collaborate with motivated companies who strive to improve business development in the industry. We see Hannibus as a great compliment to our vertical.”

Hannibus Chief Sales Officer, Cliff Cook, comments: “ENTEXS’’ values align with what we at Hannibus believe to be true – serving customers world-class turnkey solutions along with top customer service.
ENTEXS’ new cutting-edge T-Free Remediation technology will be an industry gamechanger, enabling customers to maximize their production efficiency and overall end-quality”.

Tailored Extraction Solutions:
Together, ENTEXS & Hannibus are teaming up to deliver tailored, made in the USA, hemp extraction solutions nationwide. These Extraction Solutions will reduce bottlenecks and problems faced in the traditional extraction process, including a hands-free automated system that offers a proprietary process for T-free remediation. This solventless process will enable extracts to meet far below THC 1% compliance, by remediating crude down to non-detect levels.

In addition, to complete systems, ENTEXS & Hannibus offer an extraction component catalog and support system customers with services such as:

● Installation
● Site Review
● Field Verification
● Permitting
● Operation
● Biomass
● Processing Logistics and more.

More About ENTEXS and Hannibus:

ENTEXS provides first-in-class technology with custom in-house manufacturing to evolve constantly and develop machinery for the hemp markets’ needs.

Its’ proprietary technology is a hands-free, continuous-feed, closed-loop system with no winterization necessary that increases productivity, yields, and quality of each extraction at a high capacity, industrial scale.

Hannibus: The Hannibus mission is to empower Hemp farmers, especially those from underserved communities, with the knowledge, products, and services they need most to succeed!

Hannibus is a boutique consultancy with a two-fold mission:

Firstly, to end predatory selling in the marketplace by matching farmer needs with quality and ethical solutions from their vetted & ethical product and service providers’ community.

And secondly, to offer education and value-added resources to lower the Entry Barriers for today’s growing farmers with the tools they need to build, grow, and scale operations.

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