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ENTEXS Hemp Extraction Technology Added by Arbor Vita8

Sacramento, CA, November 17, 2020 — ENTEXS, a Sacramento-based manufacturer of hemp extraction equipment, has signed a sales agreement with Arbor Vita8 to build a customized MIDI extraction system for their Alabama processing facility. After an exhaustive 12-month search, the team at Arbor Vita8 selected ENTEXS as its technology partner for their leading-edge technology as well as the synergistic goals of both companies.

Serving cultivators and manufacturers on the Alabama/Georgia border, it was important to the Southeast’s largest processor to outfit its 75,000 square foot facility with the best technology. The team evaluated all forms of extraction including cold water, CO2, and ethanol as well as across multiple dealers. They were most impressed with the environmentally friendly ENTEXS MIDI and its limited human interaction operation, so they could be confident their final product would be free from contaminants and human error.

“In the hemp business, it is vital to conduct yourself professionally, and we were looking for more than just a technology. We wanted a partner with a shared vision to grow with us,” says Jason Sirotin, CEO of Arbor Vita8. “We are so excited about the potential that we already have the footprint mapped for our second system.”

ENTEXS introduced its first hands-free, continuous-feed extraction system, the ENTEXS MIDI, to the industry early this Summer to improve efficiency and quality of hemp processing for cultivators and processors. Unlike other extraction technologies, the ENTEXS systems do not require the additional step of roto vaping thereby reducing labor costs.

“We couldn’t be prouder to call Arbor Vita8 a partner,” comments ENTEXS CEO, Ali Rashid. “As leaders in the industry, it’s companies and teams like it who will make a difference. We are looking forward to what the future holds.”

The ENTEXS MIDI system is one of several models offered by ENTEXS and is being configured now to Arbor Vita8’s specifications. The system is scheduled to be installed in mid-November.


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