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ENTEXS Corporation Ethanol & Terpene Extraction Technologies Added to Southern Crop Facility in Mississippi

ENTEXS Corporation Ethanol and Terpene Extraction Technologies Added to Southern Crop Facility in Mississippi

ENTEXS' Fully Automated Extraction System for First Cannabis Cultivation and Processing Licensee of Mississippi

Sacramento, CA., May 9, 2023. ENTEXS Corporation, a California-based extraction technology and equipment manufacturer for the hemp and cannabis industries, installs their MINI 3 Ethanol Extraction System and Terpene Extraction Module in Southern Crop’s facility in Meridian, Mississippi.   

ENTEXS develops and manufactures its complete processing solutions in the USA. The in-house capability allows them to R&D innovative technologies and components for the most advanced extraction capabilities at an industrial scale. The ENTEXS Terpene Extraction Module utilizes steam distillation pre-extraction for terpene profile preservation and collection. Their MINI 3 closed-loop extraction system can process up to 300 pounds per day and features a genuinely hands-free, automated process from biomass to finished full spectrum crude or distillate product with push-button control. Fully automated routines allow user customization and complete process control to meet the most stringent quality requirements. 

“As a company that specializes in the cannabis industry, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and product innovation is one of the pillars of our success at Southern Crop,” says Jeff Spinder, Director of Extraction and Manufacturing.  ENTEXS’ state-of-the-art technology allows us to effortlessly customize our extraction needs with a fully automated system. Thanks to our partnership with ENTEXS, we are able to produce higher quality products more efficiently, which will help us become leaders in the Mississippi Cannabis market.” 

Southern Crop was the recipient of the first Cannabis Cultivation and Processing License from the Mississippi Department of Health for their 175,000 sq ft Tier 6 cGMP vertically integrated first-class facility. The company is positioned for a multistate expansion stemming from its commitment to producing top-of-the-line cannabis products through innovation and high standards from seed to sale. The goal is to cultivate a long-term positive impact that catalyzes the availability of options and access to premium plant-based wellness CPG products.     

ENTEXS CEO Ali Rashid comments: “Southern Crop is paving the way for the thriving new medical cannabis industry in the Mississippi market and beyond. We’re excited to be their equipment partner alongside their journey, setting their extraction facility up for success with state-of-the-art technology.” 

Southern Crop will begin processing via the ENTEXS systems to further manufacture high-quality cannabis products for the patients of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Program.