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FCM GLOBAL S.A.S. adds ENTEXS Remediation Technology

FCM GLOBAL Adds ENTEXS THC Remediation Technology

Sacramento, CA, August 10, 2021 — ENTEXS, a Sacramento-based engineering and fabrication technology company for hemp and CBD extraction solutions has announced their industry-disrupting THC remediation system, the RMD-T Series, will soon be placed at FCM Global S.A.S.’ newest facility in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. This system will be capable of remediating up to 70 liters of CBD crude per day.

THC remediation is the process of removing the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from hemp derived extracts. In Colombia, the THC limit is 1%, however, to be utilized in the pharmaceutical industry and exported internationally, non-detect THC is needed. Most remediation options have high CBD loss rates of up to 30%, are not scalable, have very high CapEx/OpEx, or suffer from a combination of these. The ENTEXS RMD-T Series achieves a very low CBD loss rate (<5%), utilizes a solventless process, and can be scaled to serve any size operation. The RMD-T Series is the most cost effective, high efficiency remediation solution on the market.

Agrocann Colombia S.A.S., a hemp and CBD consultancy and service company, introduced the ENTEXS RMD technology to FCM Global to address their needs in offering a THC-free extract to their clients.

“It is an honor for Agrocann Colombia to work in alliance with FCM Global and ENTEXS in the arrival of the first high quality remediation system for Latin America. With this, we offer the market the possibility of solving the bottleneck of the 0.2% THC control limits. A big step for the industry and Colombia,” comments Agrocann Colombia S.A.S. CEO, Daniel Villate Cárdenas.

The scalability coupled with the ease of automated operation, low operational expenses and the system being designed and built to comply with EU GMP standards provided confidence to FCM Global that the RMD-T Series is their best solution.

“This strategic partnership will not only represent the first RMD-T Series in Colombia, but also serve as the largest and most efficient THC Remediation technology offered in the country.” states ENTEXS International Sales Director, Alejandro Sevilla.

FCM Global produces CBD oils, extracts and isolates using its “Co-Sourced Colombia” model to reliably deliver lower production costs and high-quality inputs for domestic and international markets in the nutritional, wellness, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

“This is a very important step for FCM to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, while continuing its leadership in the hemp industry. This technological advancement is aligned with FCM’s mission of improving health by providing safe cannabinoids in Colombia, LATAM and the world. The partnership with ENTEXS allows us to fulfill our mission by offering high quality THC remediation services to other hemp derivative producers in Colombia,” comments FCM Global S.A.S. Managing Director, Diego Ruiz.

FCM Global will soon be accepting pre-orders for their THC-free products.

About FCM Global
FCM Global has made the strategic decision and commitment to not compete with our finished product manufacturing clients. Instead we focus 100% on helping lower our clients’ cost of production by producing/supplying custom CBD extracts, oils, and isolates from Colombia which meet their specific product requirements and support their future new product innovations.

FCM production facilities located in Antioquia and Tolima follow GAP and GMP practices. The 238,800 ft2 FCM Antioquia facility is purpose-built for medical hemp and the Tolima facility is an extended production facility which covers 474 hectares and will ultimately generate more than 2,300 jobs and 1,000+ tons of hemp oil per year at full capacity. This will provide customers with the best and most consistent quality products with lower production costs at large scale.

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About AgroCann Colombia S.A.S.
Agrocann is a Colombian company that provides services for the valuation of projects / companies, search for financing hemp / hemp projects, financial analysis with the use of econometrics, generation of production chains, management of plant material, technical advice and technology for the hemp market. Medicinal and Industrial Hemp in Colombia.

Agrocann has a team of professionals specialized in all stages of the hemp production chain. They lead projects for small, medium and large growers allowing a capitalization of the industry from different productive projects and specialized services. Their team is made up of civil engineers, agronomists, industrialists, growers, economists, and lawyers with experience in portfolio management, private equity investment, agronomic evaluation tests, infrastructure and machinery for hemp, among others.

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