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CBC Vs. CBD: Which Works Better For You?

CBC Vs. CBD: Which Works Better For You?

But did you know that THC and CBD are not the only cannabinoids present in the herb? Yes, that is right, cannabis is, in fact, home to over a hundred cannabinoids that typically work in unison to induce exceptional benefits. One of these cannabinoids is CBC, which is slowly growing in popularity today. But what exactly is the difference between CBD and CBC? Well, let us compare the two compounds in detail now.

What Are CBD And CBC?

Most of us know CBD or cannabidiol and its amazing benefits for the body. As one of the two major cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, it is only a mildly psychoactive substance that does not induce any high. CBD uniquely interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Unlike THC, which binds to the CB receptors, CBD stimulates them. This way, it naturally enhances the body’s functions to introduce several benefits.

CBC is a lesser-known cannabinoid from the same herb and is short for cannabichromene. While THC and CBD primarily work based on their interaction with the CB receptors, CBC`s interaction with the body differs. It binds at transient receptor potential ankyrin 1(TRPA1) and vanilloid receptor 1(TRPV1) to activate endocannabinoids’ secretion in the system. It influences the balance of various chemicals in the body to ensure good health. One can try it by them self and get the best treetop delta 8 carts online.

Extraction Methods

While CBD and CBC oil benefits have similarities, their preparation is quite different. Hemp is the most common source of extracting CBD oil as the variety is rich in cannabidiol with little or no concentration of THC. The harvested plants go through drying, followed by separating the flowers, twigs, stems, leaves, and stalks. The milling of this assortment then takes place to receive the extract that contains CBD. The mixture then goes through different extraction processes using chemical solvents or CO2 to deliver a refined CBD oil that typically includes the complete spectrum of cannabinoids.
CBC preparation is relatively different from that of CBD. The compound is extracted from CBGa or the cannabigerol acid, also known as stem cell compound, instead of the hemp flower or plant extract. The reason behind this is that cultivating varieties with high CBC is not possible. Therefore, refining techniques to get pure and rich CBC is required.

Similarities In Applications

While we discuss several factors that distinguish between the two compounds, the two cannabinoids do exhibit several similar properties that make them relevant for common applications.

Pain And Inflammation Management

The effect of CBD topical for treating pain and swelling is known to all. But studies indicate that CBC can work wonders to ease pain and inflammation. The interaction of the compound with TRPV receptors influences pain stimuli in the system to help with better pain management. It can handle inflammatory pain better than CBD, enabling effective recovery for chronic conditions like arthritis.


CBD turns out to be a powerful anti-acne agent. The ability to soothe inflammation enables the cannabinoid to eliminate swelling and redness caused by excess sebum production. It can control breakouts to open the path to flawless skin. While CBD can influence acne formation, it can also improve skin texture and effectively treat age signs such as pigmentation, loss of elasticity, and dryness.


One of the most potent properties of CBC is its neuroprotective abilities. The influence of cannabinoids on the nervous system helps stimulate the formation of new neurons that can prevent the occurrence of early-onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The compound can therefore have impeccable benefits for neurological health. CBD also exhibits similar benefits for the nervous system. Together the cannabinoids can bring about exceptional benefits for the brain and central nervous system.

Finding CBC And CBD

One of the significant points of differentiation between the two cannabinoids is how common they are in the market. CBD is a relatively old cannabinoid undergoing intense research and trials. Today, brands from several sectors utilize the compound in their products to create cannabis lines brimming with magnificent benefits. You can find various products such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. While the first two types contain the complete cannabinoid cocktail, isolates carry nothing but cannabidiol to benefit users.

CBC, on the other hand, is very new and has barely touched the market. Very few brands have inspired product lines with this cannabinoid, which is, therefore, hard to find. The options of products are also limited compared to CBD, which has many forms of delivery, from smoke blends, vapes, and sublingual to edibles and concentrates. Also, finding isolate products of CBC is much more difficult. The simplest way to include CBD in your lifestyle is to use full-spectrum products that are best known for inducing the entourage effect. 


The spectrum of cannabinoids that embody the cannabis plant is responsible for its impeccable therapeutic benefits. CBD and CBC are two of the most potent compounds in this cocktail that express similarities in properties and can have wonderful applications in several sectors. Understand the two cannabinoids in detail to know more about utilizing them. Make sure to buy cannabinoids only from trusted sources to ensure the best benefits.

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