ENTEXS MINI Platform Featuring In-Line THC Remediation

Even though CBD processors work primarily with federally legal hemp that falls below the US government’s 0.3% THC threshold, the troublesome psychoactive cannabinoid is still a major thorn in their side. That’s because the process of extracting CBD concentrates all the cannabinoids the plant produces, including that seemingly-negligible quantity of THC. Unfortunately, just about any degree of concentration creates a product that’s illegal to sell on the federal level, which by law, must be either destroyed or remediated down to legal levels. 

ENTEXS MINI Platform Featuring In-Line THC Remediation

Until recently, THC remediation was an expensive and cumbersome process, filled with inefficiencies that cost processors both time and the precious CBD they work to extract. The primary method of remediation has been chromatography. Chromatography is costly, and the process destroys a high percentage of CBD along with the THC. 

ENTEXS has created a process that uses volatilization and nominal conversion of THC to other cannabinoids, like CBN, which are legal on the federal level and do not produce psychoactive effects. The technology behind the process can scale with nearly any processing operation. The most significant benefit is the process offers feed flexibility with CBD losses below 5%. 

One of the key advantages of solventless THC remediation is its ability to preserve the integrity of other cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, and CBG. Unlike traditional solvent-based methods, which may result in significant loss of valuable compounds, solventless remediation minimizes cannabinoid degradation, ensuring maximum yield and product efficacy. 

Furthermore, solventless inline THC remediation offers unmatched efficiency and scalability, making it an ideal solution for producers of all sizes. By integrating this process directly into the extraction workflow, operators can achieve rapid and continuous purification of crude oil, streamlining production and minimizing downtime. 

The ENTEXS RMD-T Series of THC remediation technologies are standalone systems. These remediation systems are efficient with any ENTEXS extraction system or other systems on the market. They’re fully automated, simple to set up, and built to comply with cGMP standards, providing a fantastic solution for nearly all situations. 

In-Line Remediation: Revolutionizing CBD Processing

What about complete automation of CBD extraction, including the remediation process? ENTEXS is proud to announce that in-line THC remediation is coming for MINI extraction systems. With the revolutionary technology of the RMD-T Series fully integrated into the MINI’s already highly-efficient process, ENTEXS has created a truly fully-automated, full-closed loop system which can take raw hemp biomass to remediate broad-spectrum crude or distillate with the press of a button…

The in-line remediation module is designed to be slotted directly between the system’s evaporation unit and the distillation module, perfectly placed to optimize efficiency. The addition of a remediation module to a MINI system takes an already efficient system to an entirely new level. Now, instead of removing crude oil from the MINI system and bringing it to an RMD-T unit for remediation and transferring it back for distillation, the crude can flow directly from evaporation to remediation and then to multi-pass distillation. The module is specifically calibrated to match the MINI’s throughput, so there’s never a need to slow down. 

With the addition of a remediation module, the MINI becomes a truly and fully autonomous system. With that, it also achieves an even higher level of cleanliness and purity. Without the need to remove the crude oil from the system and reintroduce it, the potential for both human error and contamination is significantly reduced. 

In-Line THC Remediation and Your Business

In-line THC remediation with the MINI extraction system is an ideal solution for cost-effective CBD extraction with the opportunity of non-detect THC. Building upon the already stellar efficiency and purity of the MINI series of extraction systems, the fully-equipped MINI brings to the table a virtually plug-and-play option for continuous CBD extraction.  

In-line remediation makes the entire extraction operation safer for employees and greatly reduces the workforce needed to operate the system. It completely eliminates the need for multiple points of human intervention, again boosting efficiency and reducing the risk of error and contamination, a benefit that has the potential to increase overall yield. Additionally, the remediation module comes at a minimal footprint, occupying the same space as the extraction unit. 

The MINI platform with in-line remediation module is fully compliant with the US federal government’s regulations for in-line THC remediation. Like the individual systems themselves, the in-line remediation module is built cGMP compliant. 

For more information on how the MINI platform with in-line remediation could benefit your business, stay tuned for more details or get in touch with one of our knowledgeable in-house experts here at ENTEXS. 

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