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The Start of ENTEXS

The Beginning of ENTEXS

At ENTEXS, we do things differently than most extraction equipment companies, but there’s a good reason why we deviate from the industry norm. We started as extractors. We got to know the extraction industry from the other side, experienced the typical concerns and pain points, and developed our own solutions using the latest technology available. 

ENTEXS brought together experts from across various industries and areas of expertise to develop creative and efficient solutions to the extraction industry’s biggest problems, then brought those solutions directly to the industry. 

The State of Extraction Before ENTEXS

When ENTEXS arrived on the scene, the extraction industry was young. Methodologies hadn’t been streamlined, and processes were more cobbled-together than technical. As a new extraction operation, the team from ENTEXS found out the hard way just how inefficient it all was. 

The first and most apparent inefficiency came from the lack of complete systems on the market. Each system needed to be assembled of components from various manufacturers. Of course, this meant that compatibility was far from guaranteed. Most components are required to be retrofitted together. The process involved making components that operate with varying flow rates, temperatures, and throughputs function together. “Function” is the key word there. These weren’t hyper-efficient systems that could be dialed to exact specifications. They just kind of worked. Here at ENTEXS, we call that old process “Frankensteining” a system. 

Post-processing only made matters worse. Winterization, the process of using super-chilled ethanol to separate out unwanted plant constituents, significantly increased processing times, labor, and required additional equipment. Then, rotovaping was required to remove any lingering solvent from the product, taking even more time and losing solvent that could otherwise have been recycled in the process, not to mention the hassle of pulling the oil from processing and the risks and exposure that comes with it. 

Because of all the inefficiency and additional processing required, none of these systems produced what would be considered today a high throughput. They were generally quite slow, and the lack of efficiency caused a fairly consistent loss of what could have been a usable product. 

Then, there was the cost in both time and overall effort to run these systems. None of these systems were fully automated. What automation did exist was minimal and lacking in its overall benefits because the human intervention was always ultimately required. The more hands-on processes are needed, the greater the safety risks, risks of contamination in the product, and the overall inefficiency. This hands-on approach also led to serious inconsistencies in product quality. 

ENTEXS: Revolutionizing Extraction

It didn’t take very long to realize something needed to be done. We started by assembling a team of experts from various industries, pulling from the extraction industry but also the oil and gas industry, automotive, and even aerospace, all to solve extraction’s biggest problems. According to Ali Rashid, CEO of ENTEXS, “Many elements were missing in the extraction equipment marketplace that our in-house engineering and manufacturing team wanted to combat. ENTEXS was introduced to offer a more current, efficient process and is constantly evolving to add to our technology offerings.” 

In order to overhaul what the extraction industry had been, ENTEXS needed to look for answers and inspiration from outside the extraction world. One of the biggest inspirations came from the pharmaceutical industry, where systems are built to be as clean and efficient as possible. Contamination is unacceptable, and purity and content are held to high scientific standards. It’s this inspiration that helped lead ENTEXS to our fully automated approach to extraction, which paves the way to newer and even more groundbreaking systems. 

As the extraction industry matures, ENTEXS seeks to build upon our technological improvements and expand our reach. We look to the latest science which we can then apply to the extraction space to grow our capabilities and develop new technologies to further revolutionize the extraction market. 

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 9 Extraction System

Mini 9 Extraction System


Mini 18 Extraction System

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