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Why In-House Machining Matters for Extraction Equipment

Why In-House Machining Matters for Extraction Equipment

Which is better- a product designed and machined in the United States or one that was outsourced overseas? Ask just about any American, and you’re likely to get the same answer: the American-made product is far superior. But why is that? Sure, there are plenty of factors at play, but one undeniable fact is that in-house machining allows a company to oversee every fine detail of the process and ensure that it’s not just “good enough,” it’s perfect. 

The Problem with Outsourced Machining 

It’s impossible to talk about outsourcing without the topic of cost tagging along. Cost is the primary reason companies outsource work. If it weren’t for the cost, they’d buy that machine, hire that technician, acquire those materials, and start doing whatever the task is themselves. So, it should be acknowledged that whenever a company chooses to outsource, they’re cutting corners to save on costs. 

Now, consider what happens when those corners are cut on the machining of a vital part that’s efficiency directly impacts your company’s profits. That doesn’t sound ideal… 

Even if the system manufacturer outsources the machining of a part to a reputable contractor with a track record of producing quality products, that single machined part isn’t their only priority. It’s one piece that they’re making for one client when they likely have dozens—if not hundreds—more. Plus, even the most reputable machine shop knows that if something isn’t 100% perfect, it’s not their reputation on the line, at least not directly or immediately. So, maybe it makes more sense for them to do the job as inexpensively as possible to make the highest margin possible on the contract, so long as the part is “good enough.” 

Instead, consider a company that does all its machining in-house. They have complete control over the machining process. Their engineers can communicate directly with the machine department and refine the process to ensure that each integral part is precise to spec. More importantly, their reputation is directly on the line with every product they sell. Cutting corners doesn’t benefit them, at least not in the long run. 

At ENTEXS, we never outsource our machining. All our components are precisely machined in-house. 

All Products Tailor-Made and Customized to Specific Needs 

Most people know that one size rarely fits all, and when it tries, it usually doesn’t fit well. When it comes to extraction equipment, this approach is far from ideal. After all, botanical extraction is a scientific process, and science always demands conditions to be precise. 

With custom in-house machining, ENTEXS isn’t bound to off-the-shelf components. We can work with our customers to tailor systems to meet your needs for optimal performance.   

When working with an extraction system manufacturer that provides in-house machining, you’re not purchasing the same boxed product as everyone else. You can work directly with the manufacturer to invest in creating a system that perfectly matches your business goals and needs. In-house machining enables a manufacturer to account for any specialized operating procedures your business may have or even the physical layout of your facility. 

ENTEXS can provide your business with custom components, including ones no one else is making. We have the flexibility to take on special requests and meet each business’s unique requirements. 

Mini 18 Extraction System


Mini 3 Extraction System

Midi Extraction System


Midi Extraction System

Maxi Extraction System


Maxi Extraction System

Reduced Lead Times 

There are few things more frustrating than waiting. That frustration is only magnified when you wait for something crucial to your business. Each day that passes brings added costs and lower profits. Add in customers waiting on you, and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. 

In-house machining allows an extraction equipment manufacturer, like ENTEXS, to control lead times and get the components your business needs much sooner. Because the parts are machined in-house, ENTEXS has the ability to take custom orders and produce parts rapidly, without the need to deal with supply chains, wholesalers, and middlemen. It also means that the part doesn’t need to be shipped from place to place before it makes its way to your business. You order it from ENTEXS, and we get it straight to you. 

R&D Faster Than You Imagined 

Research and development take time. Sometimes more than expected, R&D gets held up by unnecessary added steps.  

Imagine a scenario where a company’s engineer comes up with an improved version of a part. They send the plans off to a machine shop to be made. They wait for a while, and the machine shop ships the part back. The engineer installs it in one of their systems and notices something’s a little off. They now need to alter their design and send it off to the machine shop again. Chances are, that process could repeat several times. It’s not the most efficient, is it? 

At ENTEXS, we do both our engineering and machining in-house. Our engineers and our machine shop communicate directly. They can work side-by-side, swap ideas, and exchange feedback in real-time. Our engineers can have a new part machined, tested, and revised in hours or days, not weeks. We aren’t bound to an external machine shop’s schedule, and we don’t need to wait for shipping. That means we can move nimbly to develop and deploy the latest improvements in the extraction space. 

It also means that you’ll have access to the latest upgrades for your extraction system before many other cannabis processing businesses. This is especially true because our new components are designed and built specifically to be compatible with our systems, eliminating any questions about compatibility. Plus, if you’re looking to install a recent upgrade, even into a customized system, we can quickly and efficiently get any needed modifications to help you get it installed and running as fast as possible. 

“With in-house machining, we can tailor our systems to accommodate unique, customer-specific requests without impacting the overall project lead time.  We are also able to meet our specific engineering requirements to build systems that are balanced end to end.  This capability greatly enhances and accelerates our R&D and innovation process.  Ultimately, we can reduce lead times, optimize system design and accelerate innovation.” ENTEXS Machine Shop Lead.

When it comes to machining for extraction systems, having a manufacturer that does all their machining in-house brings with it speed, flexibility, and customization that can’t be matched. 

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