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ENTEXS Launches Groundbreaking THC Remediation Technology

ENTEXS - THC Remediation Technology

Sacramento, CA, April 7, 2021 — ENTEXS, THC remediation is the process of removing the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from hemp-derived extracts or products. To be federally compliant, CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. For many consumers, however, the presence of any THC is unacceptable and producers in this category must achieve non-detectable, or “ND” levels of THC. To complicate matters, the allowable level of THC in the hemp plant at harvest can be as high as 1.0% and experts project that 40% or more of hemp harvested for CBD production will exceed the 0.3% limit, making the need for THC remediation clear.

Most current remediation systems have high CBD loss rates (~10% to ~25% of the CBD is lost during remediation), are not scalable, have very high CapEx/OpEx, or suffer from a combination of these.

“At ENTEXS, our goal is to always be on the leading edge of remediation and extraction technologies. It’s an especially exciting time as we introduce these advancements and have further disruptive technology on the horizon,” states ENTEXS CEO, Ali Rashid.

To further support product quality and safety standards, the process is solventless and the system is designed and built to comply with cGMP standards. ENTEXS’ RMD-T Series achieves what no other remediation system has been able to – cost-effective, very low CBD yield loss-rate (<5%), solventless, and scalable remediation.

While it was not easy to achieve, the system that has been developed over the past six years, is ready to disrupt the industry and redefine your understanding of what is possible in remediation. Extensive in-house testing has demonstrated the ability to achieve very low loss rates on batches ranging in size from liters to thousands of liters regardless of the starting THC levels.

While removal of THC is the primary objective, the ability to scale affordably is not to be underappreciated. As the CBD industry continues to explode, producers will need to ramp production to keep up. Until now, the only large-scale option was industrial chromatography with a CapEx/OpEx of roughly 20x and CBD loss rates of 3x to 10x when compared to ENTEXS’ RMD-T Series.

The ENTEXS Remediation System platforms are available now.

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