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The RMD-T Series: A Modern Solution for THC Remediation

A Modern Solution for THC Remediation

THC remediation is an integral part of the CBD extraction process. Even if the hemp contained well below the US legal limit of 0.3% THC, the result after extraction could contain far above it. That’s the nature of it being a concentrate. So, anyone looking to sell hemp extracts will need to find a way to eliminate that THC, and that’s where THC remediation comes into play. 

 Historically, THC remediation has been a cumbersome process and one that ultimately damages the final product. Since THC and CBD are chemically similar, any attempts to remove THC will also remove some CBD.  Thankfully, the ENTEXS line of THC remediation systems has solved many of the problems that have plagued the THC remediation process. The RMD-T Series makes it much more cost-effective and scalable while significantly decreasing CBD loss rates. 

Cost-Effective and Scalable
THC remediation is an added cost of doing business as a cannabis processor. The goal, of course, is for that cost to pay off in the end in the form of a quality product and profits. In order to make that happen, you’re going to need a THC remediation system that minimizes your costs while putting out an exceptional product. 

 The RMD-T line offers advanced superior THC remediation at a significantly lower operating cost. The system is continuous and fully automated, eliminating the need for employee oversight or hands-on intervention. The process eliminates risks of contamination and employee error. 

 Unlike chromatography and other more hands-on approaches, the remediation system developed by ENTEXS is engineered for scalability. The RMD-T series is proof of this, with four machines in the line, each capable of remediating a broad volume range dependent on the lab’s needs. 

 While many competitors top out between 30 and 35 liters per day, the smallest system in the RMD-T line, the RMD-T1, is capable of handling 70 liters per batch. The RMD-T450, the largest in the series, can remediate 450 liters per day, far more than the competition. In fact, the only alternative at that volume is industrial chromatography, which has significantly higher operating expenses of roughly 20x, tremendously affecting your bottom line. 

RMD T200 - THC Remediation


RMD T70 - THC Remediation

RMD T450 - THC Remediation


RMD T200 - THC Remediation

RMD T200 - THC Remediation


RMD T450 - THC Remediation

Extremely Low CBD Loss Rates
CBD loss is a significant problem for cannabis processors. Since consumers purchase hemp concentrates specifically for their CBD content, lost CBD directly equates to lost profits. To add to that, the CBD market is shifting to high volume. Processors are forced to ramp up production to meet demand but keep pricing competitive. The main option for high-volume remediation is industrial chromatography, but it comes at the cost of high CBD loss, often 3-10x more than the ENTEXS RMD-T series.  

The RMD-T boasts CBD loss rates below 5% and the capability of taking THC concentrations to undetectable levels of < 800 ppm. The systems are so efficient that they have the flexibility of input feed from crude, distillate, and even mother liquor to take down to undetectable THC levels.  

The team at ENTEXS has tested the technology extensively in-house with various batch sizes and THC concentrations. According to the team behind the RMD-T series, “(it) has demonstrated the ability to achieve very low loss rates on batches ranging in size from liters to thousands of liters regardless of the starting THC levels.”  Time and again, the RMD-T systems have proven that they can minimize CBD losses, regardless of the starting situation and batch processed. 

Solventless and cGMP Compliant
People view CBD as a health product more than ever. This more health-conscious market demands a certain level of safety and quality. The market is now more aware of the chemicals commonly used in the extraction process and is increasingly wary of impurities. Couple that with the majority of lab’s preferences to process at a pharmaceutical level or export internationally, and the need for compliance is crucial. These remediation systems are solventless to further support product quality and safety standards and is designed and built to comply with cGMP standards

With an ENTEXS RMD-T system, you can rest assured that your products meet the highest quality standards and are free of harsh solvents, waste, and impurities. They are a revolutionary step in the cannabis processing ecosystem. You can warrant your customers are getting the highest quality hemp products available. The systems are scaled while maintaining industry-leading low CBD loss rates to make for an ideal choice for processors looking to ready their operations within the industry’s future. 

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