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The Future of Extraction and THC Remediation Technology

The Future of Extraction and THC Remediation Technology

Cannabis extraction is an industry on the rise. As more people discover legal cannabis, the demand for different ways to consume cannabis is also rapidly increasing. Cannabis concentrates in various forms are filling the market and allowing cannabis consumers to experience the plant in new ways.

ENTEXS is a California-based technology company manufacturing extraction and remediation systems that rank among the best in the industry. They employ an entirely produced in-house approach to their engineering, machining, and fabrication to keep tight control over the entire manufacturing process and create unprecedented extraction systems that bring unparalleled efficiency and ease of use.

Industry Leading Extraction Process
All of the extraction systems from ENTEXS are closed-loop and ethanol-based. It’s apparent in every detail that the team at ENTEXS has focused on efficiency throughout the entire development process. Closed-loop extraction systems are, by nature, efficient, but ENTEXS has taken that efficiency to a height few other systems can achieve.

Every system in the ENTEXS line is built for automation. Each system they make is controlled via a touch screen interface which allows different routines and parameters to be set. From there, the systems are meant to operate completely hands-free, with no outside intervention. The larger systems, the MIDI and MAXI, feature ENTEXS’ proprietary continuous-feed carousel to automate the flow of hemp into the system without the labor of bagging and loading the biomass.

The methodology, process, and materials used by ENTEXS also contribute to their overall efficiency. These extraction systems are built to handle solvent temperatures as low as -80°C. By running cryo ethanol solvent, ENTEXS extraction systems bypass the need for winterization.

The extraction process for ENTEXS systems begins in a triple-jacketed centrifuge capable of subjecting biomass and ultra-cooled solvent to forces up to 2000 g (g-force) to optimize solvent recovery.

The extracted material then moves through a dual-stage filtration process before moving into a combined rising and falling film evaporator to remove the majority of the remaining solvent. The remaining solvent is removed using an in-process desolventization and decarboxylation system. There’s no need for a rotavapor.

The system allows for the collection of full-spectrum crude from that point, or the crude can be passed on via heated, jacketed lines to a multi-pass distillation system to produce distillate, fully automated and continuous.

This highly efficient process can automatically recover 97% of solvent for subsequent use. A properly configured ENTEXS extraction system can collect up to 98% of cannabinoids in its finished product.

THC Remediation and Additional Technology Options
For hemp clients, following extraction, the concentrate usually has THC levels above national legal limits as defined by the US and other countries, making THC remediation a necessary process. ENTEXS offers a range of automated THC remediation solutions capable of reducing THC levels to desired parameters, including down to a non-detectable level. The ENTEXS RMD T-Series are even capable of remediating Mother Liquor.

The RMD T-Series boasts the lowest CBD yield loss rates of any THC remediation equipment on the market, with CBD loss rates below 5%. These solventless remediation systems are built to meet GMP/cGMP certification standards.

Complete In-House Engineering, Machining, and Fabrication

One major defining factor that sets ENTEXS apart from the majority of the extraction equipment market is their approach to producing in-house. Unlike many systems manufacturers, ENTEXS doesn’t use off-the-shelf parts to construct their systems. Instead, they do all their design, engineering, machining, and fabrication entirely in-house in their California facility.

Because ENTEXS handles every aspect of the development and manufacturing process in-house, each department can communicate and collaborate in real-time, making the iterative development process exponentially more streamlined and allowing for the rapid revision of deficiencies during the development process. This tight bond between departments enables the manufacturer to create such highly efficient systems comprised of components made specifically for one another. All ENTEXS systems are built to be GMP compliant.

This in-house approach also enables ENTEXS to custom tailor their extraction systems to meet customer needs. ENTEXS prides itself on its ability to adapt its systems to a customer’s facility and specific product goals. What’s more, ENTEXS installs their equipment, utilizing skilled installers who are deeply familiar with the systems they’re assembling.

This extraction system manufacturer takes customization a step further. They can custom machine parts for their systems to adapt to their customers’ individual needs. Since their machining and engineering departments work closely together, they are able to implement custom solutions without reducing a system’s efficiency.

As extraction systems manufacturers come, there are good ones, and there are exemplary ones. ENTEXS is the latter. They’ve refined the cannabis extraction process to a point where it’s become a simple, automated process. It’s clear from every design choice they’ve made in each step of the extraction process that they’ve poured countless hours of careful planning and research into their systems. Despite having refined the extraction process, they are willing to adapt to their customers’ needs. ENTEXS truly sets a standard in the extraction space.